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Listen to Laura talk about the Slow Dog Movement on the Dog Tails: Conversations with the Pet Dog Trainers of Europe

Websites and pages

Pet Dog Trainers of Europe – I am a full member of the PDTE and can highly recommend their education, events, resources and blog.

Turid Rugaas – teacher and author of many books and DVDs and founder of the PDTE. Excellent resources about equipment (harnesses), her books and sections on puppies and calming signals.

Winkie Spiers‘ wonderful YouTube videos about enrichment, making dog treats and other topics.

Kirsty Grant runs The Dog Nose in Swindon – it’s the U.K.’s 1st dedicated enrichment facility Kirsty also runs dog education classes and workshops for dog professionals. 

My PDTE colleague, Pennie Clayton runs Crabtree Canine Enrichment in Crowborough, Sussex. You can reach Pennie at or 07910 720961.

Here is a wonderful PDF available for all to use from Sam’s Hondenservice and Simone Bakker – Mudita Hond en Mens.

Gabriela’s Way – a page on Turid’s site, dedicated to the memory of her granddaughter, Gabriela and the work she did to educate dog owners to use a harness with their dog(s). You can join this movement by handing out harness brochures – see Freedogz  or contact me and by sending Turid photos of you doing this important work!

Freedogz – a wonderful Belgian company who provides resources (PDF’s to print in many languages) about harnesses

The Vet Behaviour Team – vets from Australia who have perfected infographics showing dog behaviour (stress, fiddle, hyperarousal etc)

Julia Robertson and the Galen Therapy Centre – As a physical therapist for dogs, Julia writes a fantastic blog and her site will help you locate a myotherapist in your area.

Dr Jean Dodds’ Pet Health Resource Blog – an excellent source of information about thyroid issues in dogs.

At the Heart of the Walk is a website created by fellow PDTE colleagues, Cristina and Aurélien Budzinski. Their study shows how walking on a long  (or not leash) versus short leash affects our dog’s pulse rate.

Smiling Leash is a community group on Facebook and Instagram that was created to encourage sharing more special moments with your dog – while the leash is smiling. They also have a great website.

Dog Walking Fields – a website that will help you find an enclosed field or indoor enrichment area in your area in the U.K. Dog Sense is listed on this site!



I recommend and use two harness brands; Haqihana (an Italian company) and Atelier d’Ellis (a company based in the Netherlands) and have heard excellent reviews about a third, Perfect Fit. I have met, on several occasions, both the owners of the first two harness makers and they are both impeccable in their dedication to making high quality and anatomically correct equipment. I would like to stock and sell these harnesses in the future so that my clients in Cornwall can see and touch them before buying but for now, I can recommend a few sellers with confidence…

Haqihana has a map on their site that helps you locate a retailer. You can order harnesses via The Mutty Professor web-shop or storefront shop in Bristol. You can also email or ring the shop for more information.

Atelier d’Ellis harnesses can be ordered online via the Woofs to Kittys web-shop, or storefront shop in London or via telephone from Anita and Karen, 0203 659 8580 or info[at]woofstokittys[dot]com.


Both Haqihana and Atelier d’Ellis sell matching leashes (3 metres is recommended for everyday use) alongside their harnesses. Roz at The Mutty Professor sells great (varying length) Biothane leashes for wet weather and long length biothane leashes for recall and tracking work. Atelier d’Ellis sells beautiful leather leashes of varying lengths.

Recommended videos and brochures about harnesses:

About harnesses by Turid Rugaas:

Harness brochure by Freedogz:


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Turid Rugaas, Barking: The Sound of a Language, Dogwise Publishing

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Anne Lill Kvam, The Canine Kingdom of Scent: Fun Activities Using Your Dog’s Natural Instincts, Dogwise Publishing

Karen Pryor, Don’t Shoot the Dog!: The New Art of Teaching and Training, Ringpress Books

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