The Slow Dog Movement® C.I.C. Philosophy

‘The #slowdogmovement aims to foster deeper relationships between dogs and humans, educate by ‘showing the right way’ (Turid Rugaas), and grow a like minded worldwide community of dog lovers embracing the value of SLOW.’

The Slow Dog Movement® C.I.C. is a social movement. We promote ethical values ​​within the dog/human relationship. In keeping with the human ecosystem, we cultivate our respectful coexistence. We consider the deep knowledge of the physiology and needs of the dog.

The Slow Dog Movement® C.I.C. is not a forum to find “quick solutions” or “how-tos.” Or to deal with a specific problem without knowing the dog, the family, and the environment in situ. For this reason, it is risky for us to answer these queries. They need a complete review by a friendly canine education professional. On many occasions, they should also include a multidisciplinary holistic approach.

The Slow Dog Movement® C.I.C. promotes self-knowledge and emotional development. Members can learn through ‘master scenarios.’ These are where each dog can display the entire repertoire of known natural behaviours. Due to lack of experience, some dogs do not even know these yet.

Dogs and humans often find slowing down complicated. Dogs may have the feeling that they need to protect themselves. How can they be aware when they don’t know that they can feel otherwise?

Many dogs do not know that going outside can be slow. They do not know that they can go for a walk without pulling on the leash. Without barking. Without a concerned human accompanying them during the walk.

The Slow Dog Movement® C.I.C. promotes and shares values ​​such as:







And other ‘non-hashtag’ ideas!

 We also support initiatives like Street Dogs are Family Too in India and Sensory Gardens 4 Dogs, a worldwide project.

The Slow Dog Movement® C.I.C. strives to be a source of inspiration for all. Let’s return to our roots and connect with nature and with all living beings.

We invite you to join the @slowmovement® C.I.C. if you think you share our values and are willing to commit to our principles:

What we suggest as guidelines within our philosophy:

  1. The relationship with our dog is the primary focus.
  2. It’s a dog’s choice – choice to walk, speed, play, meeting other dogs, humans, chews, sleep, contact etc. Choice builds confidence and is a dog’s right.
  3. Slow enables observation. It’s important to observe a dog and what they are communicating.
  4. Humans must slow down so that their dogs can do the same.
  5. Studying the ‘dog ethogram’ and support of natural dog behaviours.
  6. The 90% calm, 10% aroused ratio is a suggested aim.
  7. Focus on movement and activity that supports a healthy body and brain.
  8. Respect for our dogs as sentient beings and individuals.
  9. Appropriate equipment – well fitted harness and long, loose leash, minimum 3m.
  10. Ask yourself why it’s important to you to engage in training/commands, whether it be ‘positive’ or ‘fear free.’
  11. In terms of dogs and sports/hobbies, ask yourself, would your dog engage in these activities if left to their own desires?
  12. Always fulfil the basic needs of your dog and remember to check their emotional requirements as well.
  13. Slow walks and other recommended activities on our page can really help rescue dogs and dogs with fear and anxiety.
  14. Take your time to get to know your dog and support their individual character and needs.
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